Friday, April 29, 2016

Mounting panels below the fridge...a brief update.

I installed the panels below the fridge holding the power distribution/fuse box, the gas detector/alarm, the main furnace vent, and an A.C outlet.

This consists of a relatively permanent panel on the left, and one on the right that's removable for some storage and access to the gas valves.

The semi-permanent one has the fuse box and gas detector. I will eventually add a storage shelf accessible from beneath the bed. With all the wiring going to the fuse box, I don't want to be moving this panel very often. About the only reason to remove it will be if I need service access to the water heater or its gas and plumbing connections. Since it's an on-demand heater, antifreeze and a good blow-out should be sufficient for winterizing. No tank to drain, or bypass valve needed.

The right hand panel covers space where I plan to add 2 drawers above the heater vent.
One will be 6"deep. That leaves room for the heater flex hose behind. Another drawer, 12" deep will sit above the 6" drawer. Both will be on slides and removable. Not sure what will go in them, but it seems a shame to waste the space.
I may eventually make a door for those drawers, but at first, they will be hidden behind an easily removable panel. I can always cut the panel down to make the door, while maintaining the wood-grain pattern.

This panel also provides access to the front of the furnace. We will be putting a (GFI) outlet in the bathroom, and this point is right on the route. Since there was room to add an A.C. outlet, I did. So there. Maybe use it to plug in a vacuum.

Preparing the panel for cutout:

Test fit the panel and added the outlet:

  And buttoned everything up (minus the trim work).

Since I don't have any urgent need to use the drawers, I'll build and install them later. 

So now we're ready to dive into the john. Maybe I should rephrase that to say that the next step is completing the john (walls, counter sink, cabinetry, etc).