Saturday, May 20, 2017

All around good bedside matters

Another very short update.
We've been finishing up work around the bed...under it, behind it, and at the sides of it.

For starters, we added some equipment mounting at the end, and figured out how the storage underneath will go.
We've packed a pretty full toolbox (the silver case), outside rocking chairs and ottomans, leveling blocks, an axe, a bow saw, a crowbar, fire extinguisher, hoses, rope and the awning crank.
Still lots of room down there.

Next we added touch operated dimming reading lamps at the headboard.

And a master switch for them above the closet.

Then power points for tablets, phone, and currently imaginary 12V things.
These pics are of the driver side ports. Passenger side is similar.
Main difference is that the driver side also has a master power switch for  both sides. The USB adapter has an unreasonably bright blue LED that draws about 20mA. No reason to have the ports live if we're not charging anything.
Added some carpet to make things cushy,
 and these bits are done.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Stepping up our game

I've mentioned before that my spousal unit is somewhat disabled. This meant she had some real trouble getting in and out of Annie without dragging out some step-stools.
So we decided to install an AMP Research Powerstep. It automatically opens and closes with the doors.
It works great! She can now enter and leave Annie all on her own!

I won't describe the installation, because the step is specific to the Transit, and comes with excellent instructions. But I did take some proof of concept pictures.
The step is almost invisible when closed:

But you can see it fine when opened:

Then she experimented with entering and leaving:

It even gets the aesthetic committee's seal of approval!