Thursday, April 7, 2016

Annie is being framed (and walled in)

I've started the cabinet framing and john wall work.
The first step was to add a small shelf above the fridge (and above its required ventilation clearance).
There are also side walls, cut to match the ceiling's curve.
I'll build the door a bit later, probably along with most of the other cabinet doors.

Next, I built a frame for a john wall. This wall will also hold instrumentation. The john's counter and sink will be behind it. Here you can see the fresh and gray water lines in that area.

The blue tape on the floor (in the above picture) will be where the john's entry doors will be. It's a 2' wide opening. there will be 2 doors, one hinged one the forward end of the frame I'm working on. The other door will be hinged on the forward wall of the john (to be located on the blue tape behind the driver's seat).

We spent a bit of time deciding what wood and finish to use. Our first overconfident guess was spar varathane and maple, but after painting several full wall pieces, the aesthetics committee unanimously concluded that it made the maple way too yellow.

So we smartened up and made some smaller samples with different wood and finishes.
We settled on a water based clear satin varathene and 1/4" maple ply. (The lowermost right in the above pic.

We painted up new full size pieces, and liked the way they looked. Next step was to layout for the instrumentation holes.

The instruments consist of the solar and inverter/charger control monitors, the water and propane tank monitor, the thermostat, and the VSR control switch.

The holes are cut. Man, I love that oscillating tool!

A hole for everything, and everything in its hole:

Mounted up the walls. They are being held to the frame with glue and brads

Next up will be hooking in the instruments, enclosing the space under the fridge and yet to be build closet, and building the closet.