Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Instrumental to Annie's functionality

A quickie post. We wired in Annie's instrument panel, and checked out all functions.
A couple of pics, then a few comments.
The rear of the wired panel:
It's hard to see here, but the cabling is strapped and supported so that there is no bouncing against the walls or the fridge. And LOTS of service loop left.
I will be boxing in the back when I start building the bathroom walls. 

A Major Problem:
Why do we call bathrooms bathrooms when the room has no bath??? I mean, what we're building is usually called a half bath. But why? Which half of you gets to bathe when there's no bath to bathe in?

And the front view:

We filled up the fresh water tank, and watched the progress on the SeeLevel monitor. The gauge tracks the level very nicely. I haven't yet calibrated its LPG readout, but it looks very close to what the mechanical gauge says...about 80%. Not surprising, since that is about what's normally considered "full" to allow for expansion.

The LPG was flushed and filled once, several months ago, with almost no use since then (except to check heater functions).
The question I'm trying to decide is if I should leave things the way they are, or at my next fillup, re-calibrate the monitor to read 100% at that point.

The Seelevel's water heater and pump switches work, as does it's heater pilot warning. I have a bit of concern about the water heater itself. More about this below.

The ML-ACR VSR's remote switch works exactly as expected, as do the Blue Sky IPN solar and the Magnum ME-RC50 inverter/charger monitors.

The thermostat mostly works as expected, but there may be an issue with the furnace. I did find the thermostat had an intermittent blank display, but I think that was just some bad battery connections. Problem hasn't reappeared since I tweaked and cleaned them.

Unresolved functionality:
1. I think that we're going to have a steep learning curve to get an appropriate temperature without wasting water using this on-demand water heater. So far, it looks like the flow is either too low to trigger heat, or too high to get the temperature up adequately. There seems to be a very narrow flow range where the temp is good.
If spousal unit or I have ongoing issues with this, I may design a preheat recirculating system. There was some discussion about that on the Ford Transit forum's copy of this blog. I hope we can avoid that added complexity.
2. For some unknown reason, the house furnace wouldn't stay ignited when I started checking out the thermostat hookup.. It would light up, and then stop, and try to reignite. It was getting later in the day, so I decided to hold off troubleshooting to the morning. Well, morning arrived (right on time, as it commonly does), and the furnace seems to be working fine. Can't fix it when it ain't broke.