Monday, May 30, 2016

You should not bathe or shower in a half bath, part one

We are building Annie's half bath. It will hold our composting toilet, a counter with sink and faucet, and some storage.
Strangely enough, the counter will not have any arithmetic ability at all. So this will be a bath without a bath, a counter that can't count, and a sink that isn't floating in the first place. A very confused project. So I'll write about it in several section, just to help limit my confusion at any given time.

We've already set the placement of the toilet in an earlier entry:
for-when-ya-gotta-go. Now let's work on enclosing it.

The bath is forward of the fridge.  First steps are to close in the fridge and instrument panel walls.

When last we spoke of it:

Building out the frame to allow covering the support brackets. I used strips cut from 1/4" ply.

The walls will need to accommodate the cabling that runs to the instruments, as well as the depth of some of the instrument connectors. So, the top 12" or so will be bumped out about 1". 
On the fridge wall, this will be the rear of a storage cabinet. The instrument wall will have an access panel to get to the connections.

The lower walls are up. After a lot of discussion, the aesthetics committee decided on a darker 1/4" birch ply.

Preparing for the upper wall bump outs. This will bump the rear of the instrument panel space:

And ribs are added to the upper fridge wall and the instrument wall:

The 2 wall panels are mounted. The instrument bump-out panel is 1/4" maple play, same as the outside of that wall. Each has Thinsulate glued to the panel to minimize any cable movement.

The access panel is cut from the same ply piece as the bump-out panel, to match the grain pattern. Also has Thinsulate glued on.

The bump-outs are done. The hanging wire pair will power the under cabinet light. The bare unfinished wood on the left will be edge-banded in place. It will be where one of the non-bath bathroom doors are hung.

Next steps will be the passenger side wall and the counter, sink and cabinet.
Here is an exciting preview: