Friday, July 3, 2015

Waiting and building floor joists

While waiting for the solar panels and propane tank to arrive (and for the rain to stop), I removed the wall panels & started floor construction.
The floor will consist of 1.5" thick joists glued to the Transit's floor ribs, rigid foam insulation glued between the joists, a Reflectex blanket, then .5" plywood panels screwed into the joists. There will be PEX lines running through, possibly a gray water line as well, one propane line, and some wiring in electric conduit.

I will cut or notch the joists once I have line locations settled.

The joists are made from 1" rips of a 3/4" ply sheet. Two ripped strips are glued together.

Starting to glue in the strips. I'm using silicon to keep the joint flexible. I have a silly theory that the impedance mismatch between the joists and the metal floor will aid in reducing road noise coupled to & through the plywood floor. The flexibilty of the glue should aid here (if I'm not just being silly.)

Children are starving just so I can hold down the joists while the glue sets up.

It'll be dry for the next few days and the panels and tank have arrived. Tomorrow, I'll finsh the joists, then start looking at the solar.