Sunday, July 26, 2015

Insulating more floor

The propane lines have been pressure tested. Finding no leaks, I had the tank flushed and filled. I don't have the cooktop installed yet, so I can't claim that we're cooking with gas :)

Also, I decided that the H2O runs will all be above the floor. With the tanks now planned to be almost directly above the rear wheels, and with the fresh tank much closer to the H2O heater than in the original layout, it will be straightforward to route the lines without interfering with other stuff. 

So now it's  time to finish up the floor.

First step is to glue down rigid foam between the van's metal floor ribs. Note that since the metal ribs have tapered sides, the foam doesn't touch the wooden floor joists. We'll add expanding spray foam in the gaps:

The well dressed floor insulator always adheres to this dress code:

Filling in all the little spaces:

Sniffing spray contact cement makes me feel verrry happppiey:

They don't lie about expanding foam:

After cutting the excess foam with a scraper blade on my multi-purpose tool, we're ready to put down the second layer of rigid insulation.

But, with all that crawling and bending to cut the foam, my back and knees ache. Besides it started raining and I need to experience this rare event.

So, putting in  next layer is put off for a bit.