Friday, July 3, 2015

Finalizing the panel installation (almost)

Yesterday and today I shimmed the panels, and wired them into the van.
I raised the panels with sticks of wood to get the shimming in. The shims are silicon.

Shimming goes where the panel frames rest on the channel.

The panels are wired into the combiner box, so is the downfeed cable. Note that the downfeed cable is routed on top of the channel. I did that because it was easier to place under a cable tie. I will probably move it to under the channel. The combiner box is VHB taped to the roof, and it ain't going nowhere.

All buttoned up.

I took Annie for a spin, and all seems very quiet on pavement, but I can hear some rattling up there on dirt roads. Tomorrow, I'll make sure everything is truly snugged down. Hope it's not some basic design flaw!