Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Catching up: WIndow repair. It took a a while, but I can see clearly now

Sorry for the lag in updating here.
Things got put on hold a bit while waiting for a replacement slider window.

Back in early August we noticed that a hinge failed on the slider window's pop-out section. The hinges are glued to the glass, and the lower one failed thus:

Made an appointment with the dealer's body shop. They re-glued it, and said "come on down!"
But, by the time I arrived, their glue job had failed. The shop decided that the best course was to replace the entire window, so they ordered one. Body shop and I agree it's best to not drive much with the window hanging by one hinge.

We were told the window would be delivered in a few days. Since I didn't want to have projects hanging half done, we held off work. About a week later, the dealer said that it wasn't coming, because it needed to be supplied by the window manufactuter, not Ford. They then ordered from the "correct" place, and said it would be about a week.. We started the vinyl floor work.

The week passes, and no window. Come to find out that the manufacturer shipped it by mule train, using 3 legged mules. Told it would be another week or so. We finish up the floor. Didn't want to start the next project since I didn't want to have projects hanging half done. (This becomes a familiar theme.)

About 1.5 weeks later, we get a call...the window got to Seattle, but it was broken in transit. I guess 3 legged mules have a harsh ride, or the mule team driver missed with his whip...

Window is reordered. Same stories about shifting delivery times, same feeling that I didn't want to start the next project since I didn't want to have projects hanging half done. I attempt to glue the hinge myself with industrial strength epoxy. Success!! Except that I was a bit overgenerous with the epoxy, and left a nice bit of drool hanging from the hinge and stuck on the pop-out glass. At least, now I can drive Annie.

Window finally arrives at the dealer...broken.

Dealer gets Ford involved. This time the manufacturer packages the window intelligently, and sends it via an express mule with a full complement of legs. Takes about a week to get here. I start the ceiling insulation work, and stop at a safe to drive point. 

Window arrives safely, dealer makes an appointment with the glass installer to do the work. Finally got the new window in this past Monday.

Next entry brings the Annie project up to date.