Thursday, August 27, 2015

Laying the Vinyl Floor, Part 2

It's time to glue down the floor.
We did this one half at a time to minimize any shifting.
We rolled back the vinyl and applied the glue. Let it set for about an hour.

Then unfolded the vinyl and squashed it onto the glued floor. We used a rolling pin to push out any bubbles.

We let it rest overnight,and trimmed the vinyl to it's final size. We made up some cedar trim boards, cut them to size, painted them with Varithane spar varnish (2 coats) and glued them to Annie's chassis and the floor. We used 3M 90 spray adhesive for the chassis and TiteBond III for the floor. We added the cedar at the slider and at the rear entrance.

Then we added the edge trim. Most of it is step edging.

Cutting the trim was a bit tricky.

The boss dropped by and gave her approval (whew!).

Added the rear trim.

Added a little cedar shelf, and the floor is done!