Sunday, August 16, 2015

Laying the Vinyl Floor, Part 1

We made a ramp to smoothly merge our floor with the Transit's sloped floor (over the tranny) between the front seats.

Then we made sure all the floor mounting screw heads were below the floor surface and leveled the depressions.

Sanded it all smooth.

The vinyl we liked came in a 12' wide roll., We wanted to avoid any seams, so we got a ~17' length, and end up with about twice as much as we need for Annie. Not yet sure what we'll use the leftover length for, but it might work out nicely for a hoped for bathroom remodel.

Anyways, we cut it in half. Snap line is used to mark the cut line.

Cut the roll with a sawsall. Loaded our preferred half into Annie

It's really cushy, flexible stuff!

And began slicing and dicing.

All cut and ready for glue down. We'll work on that and finishing touches in part 2 of this riveting saga.