Sunday, September 27, 2015

Ceiling insulation, part two

Now we're adding the second level of rigid foam to the ceiling.
First, I needed to snake the solar panel cable out of the way and down where the controller will live.
The cable is routed through the channel above the rear window, and down the rearmost sidewall post.

Prepped the controller's mounting place with VHB

Zip tied the cable to a sidewall support.

Now we're ready to add the second layer of polyiso rigid foam.This is pretty much a repeat of the first layer's procedure. We are almost exclusively using VHB tape as our adhesive. Then adding expanding foam around each board's perimeter.

As you can see, the rigid foam is only being run in between the ceiling ribs. We'll be adding Reflectix across the whole ceiling (including ribs), but with about a 1/2" space between the Reflectix and the rib/foam boards. I'll talk about this more in Ceiling insulation, part three...coming soon to a device near you.

The front section of ceiling was the most challenging, because it has a complex curve and some fancy shmancy stamping. The initial foam layer was 1/2", which brought the foam below the fancy shmancy stuff. I had originally planned to also make the second layer from 1/2" foam panel, because I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to form that curve with a thicker panel.. Unfortunately, I was running very low on 1/2". Wasn't enough to cover with one piece.
So I decided to try the 1" stuff. With a bit of crunching with my roller pin, I was able to make it conform pretty well.

So I used just a teeny a bit extra VHB. Hopefully it's enough to hold up the 5lb worth of foam board. :)

Cut the board to size and to clear the Transit's Styrofoam airbag covers.

Mounted the board, added spray foam, and this step is done. (Well, as soon as I remove the painter's tape and plastic sheet.)