Thursday, January 5, 2017

We may need to relocate to Narnia

In order to get there, one apparently needs a coat closet. So we built one. It even has the tools to watch the 3 DVD set of travel and native culture instructions.

The closet is aft of the fridge. So the first step is to prepare that side of the fridge's framing for the closet wall.

Then we cut the wall panel to match the curvy Annie wall and ceiling profiles.

Then laminated and similarly contoured a 3/4" thick panel with an outer maple surface as the rear wall of our Narnia getaway machine.

Then we started on the frame

Next up are the shelves and lights:

Then testing to ensure that there will be sufficient photon power to propel us to Narnia.

Verifying that the Narnia Navigation Device (NND) actually fits:

The NND is held down during inter-dimensional travel by this mechanical adhesive system:

It is essential that a coat closet actually hold coats. Otherwise, the Narnia border patrol might send us back. So we added a coat hanger assembly, and a coat. They seem to function as expected.

All seems in order, so we next screw the cabinet to the fridge frame and the rear wall that I neglected to write about installing. Then wire up the photon drives and NND.

I held off installing the rear wall until now so I could more easily access all the stuff (like the rear screws and the wiring). But now it's time to screw up that wall. I added a couple of angle brackets to tie the wall to the ceiling "joists" that also hold up the ceiling beadboard.

Then screwed the wall...exactly what it sounds like...and began installing the NND's display interface (NNDDI).
The NNDDI has a swivel mount, which is bolted through the rear closet wall.
The swivel will have a lock-down clamp (yet to be built) which will minimize movement during those bumpy inter-dimensional rides.

The NNDDI will normally sit just below the rear overhead compartments. Those are yet to be built. Unlike many commercial airlines, the will be no additional charge to use those compartments.

Next we add a photon drive enabler/dis-abler. Wouldn't want the drive to always be running, now would we?

The NND and NNDDI have rather tinny sound quality. There is room next to the photon switch (above the NND) for a DIN1 size stereo unit. We may, at some point, install one.
But I do have a tin ear, so maybe not.

Next we start to design the kitchen cabinet and counter.