Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Simply Adoorable

The doors of the bathless bath are built and installed.
There are 2 doors, each approximately 1 foot wide and just under 6 feet tall. The height of the door frame and doors is set by Annie's roof slope over the cab.
The frames are box jointed, and covered with maple ply as the outside wall and birch ply as the inside wall.

Internally, they have 2 center crossbars, one at 36" up and the other at 42". These will act as reinforcement points for things like towel bars (or possibly towel pubs for English or Celtic themed towels).
I forgot to take pics of the crossbars.

The doors are edge-banded on the verticals, and hung with piano hinges. Thus the doors could also be used in piano bars.

The doors are "latched" in the closed position by magnets. I mounted 2 strong magnets in the top of the door-frame, each at 2" in from the frame's centerline.

I had hoped that these magnets would hold onto the doors with just fender washers in the doors, but the hold was way too weak.

I ended up routing a slot in the door. and mounting 3" bar magnets. No pics of them.

Hanging a falsely accused door, and testing the magnetic latching.

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Here are some pics of the finished doors.
From the outside:

And from the inside: