Friday, September 2, 2016

We're gonna build a wall

It'll be the greatest wall ever. We're gonna build it to keep those nasty drivers out of the bathless bath...and we're gonna pay for it!!! Trust me.

In fact, we're so great, we've already built it.

We made sure the studly frame members would appeal to our base by boxing (box jointing) them into it.

We continued to frame some innocent, legal 1x2 strips. We put them under a lot of pressure, but they didn't break:

Test fitting:

We cut the the bath side wall panel to match the ceiling curve and accommodate the styrofoam airbag actuator. This wall is maple.
We then glued the panel to the frame, and screwed the frame to the floor and ceiling, making sure that the door opening spacing was right.

Added the door header. 
There will be 2 12" wide doors. They will mount with piano hinges to the instrument wall and the driver wall. The current plan is to build them with very strong magnets in the frames that will hold the doors in position when closed

We cut the driver side wall panel to size, and screwed that to the frame. No glue on this side because it would be difficult to properly apply the glue and then clamp the panel. This wall is birch bead-board.

 Views with the door header installed:

Now to build the doors. Hopefully, they will be absolutely adoorable.