Friday, January 29, 2016

Ceiling the deal, part two

In some areas, the VHB did not hold as well as I'd hoped. So, I used some gorilla glue and brads to further reinforce things. Now the ceiling is staying well attached. There was a bit of rattling, which I tracked down to the lamp wires rattling against the panel. I got that to shut up with Great stuff foam.
We installed the rear panel and all the ceiling lamps. Same techniques as with the center panel.
The panel was also cut for the Maxxair fan trim piece.

The joint between the panels will be covered by a trim piece. Same will go for the front panel.

So now we get started on that front panel.
The panel's front edge will be covered by the driver compartment's headliner. But it needs some way to hold it in place.
I cut a length of wood to match the ceiling (with insulation) curve and glued that to the B-pillar's roof rib. The rib is about 1.5" forward of the headliner edge. The beadboard panel will be sandwiched between the liner and wood piece, and gorilla-glued to the wood.

This is a complex curve, so I wanted some support in the middle of the panel. So I added the steel length you can also see above. It is bolted and glued to the sidewalls, and a strip of wood is attached with glue and screws.

One complication is fitting around those ugly Styrofoam airbag covers. We made up a template, and after a few iterations and tweaks, got a fairly good fit. 

Then proceeded to attach the panel at the front, rear, and middle support with glue, screws and brads.
Holding it up while the glue sets:

It's up and stable.

Added in the john's ceiling light, and the center panels are done.

As you can see above, there is about 7" between the center panels and each of the side walls. In part three of this thrilling saga, we'll install those panels.