Monday, January 4, 2016

Buttoning up the lower walls

After installing the fresh water service port, we thinsulated the passenger side like the driver side.
Well, almost...the passenger side has the sliding door, which needed a bit more fiddly cutting so insulation didn't hit the latch mechanisms.

Also removed the back doors plastic panels and thinsulated as far as I could reach. Then re-attached the panels.

Got that done, and re-installed the wall coroplast. Of course we needed to cut it to match all the junk we've added.

Not much more to say, except here are a few pictures.

Since the thinsulate is glued to Annie's outer wall, there is an air gap. That means Reflectix  should actually work here. Glued it to the coroplast panels.

Cut the panels down in height to accommodate our 2" raised floor

I also cut a hole in the panel facing the MS2012 exhaust fan, to make sure the panel wouldn't block ventilation.

Tomorrow, we start figuring out ceiling many lamps, spacing, and deciding if they should be on a dimmer.